What is NOWACRM?

Nowacrm is an application developed by Hermes informatics company which has been operating since 2006. This application is a CRM infrastructure. Nowacrm is especially preferred because it is fast and compatible with Asterix. In addition to these features, it makes it easy to track your business. Warranty tracking with system provides conveniences such as business and action tracking systems.This helps minimize overlooked errors.

With Nowacrm;

  • User authorization can be made.


  • He can identify the company from the number.

  • Can create job and service.

  • Can record customer information.

  • Interviews with customers can be recorded with job and service screens.

  • Can create a contrat.

  • Prepare surveys.

  • Viewing user and customer statistics.

  • Sharing with users by adding documents.

  • Chat with company employees via Messenger.